Let’s face it; our churches are filled with believers who are either sick, stressed out or emotionally unbalanced, and on far too many prescription medications. Obesity, sugar diabetes, high blood pressure, cancers and other food-related illnesses, caused by eating addictions and other toxins are at an all time high. This epidemic is resulting in the death of millions of God’s people every year, and it's not our fault. You see, we are strategically being overly sugared, overly fed, overly "toxified", and overly medicated.

Did you know that there are reportedly 225,000 deaths per year in the US resulting from adverse drug reactions, unnecessary surgeries, hospital infections and blunders? What's making matters worst is that the Food and Drug Administration, the Department of Agriculture, and the government have long been in cahoots. They have been setting up demonic, monetarily based agendas that are totally opposed to our wellbeing. The Word has warns us not to be conformed to this world for good reason. Sadly however, unhealthy food  choices, tradition, media propaganda, and the influences of mass consciousness have most of us entrenched in the world's "Medical Matrix". We have become living puppets on invisible strings. And now, Lord help us, our school-aged children are not allowed to express their faith, yet when they can't seem to cope, they're given "legal" dope, so that the cycle continues. 

The problem is that we have put more trust in the medical and mental health care systems of this world than we have in the Kingdom of God’s system of health and wellbeing. What we think, what we speak, what we eat, and how we act towards one another reveal that we have lost accountability. WE, THE CHURCH MUST OPEN OUR SPIRITUAL EYES, WHILE WE STILL HAVE ANY CONTROL LEFT. It's not about healthcare reform, it's about reforming our own mental. physical and financial health. This is the hour for change. It's time to unplug, It's time to switch systems. This is our Exodus.

The Church Health Reform & Wellness Mission is a God ordained system designed to unplug God's people from the Matrix (the world) through a holistic transformational process, that will allow them to fully activate and operate the Kingdom of God within. It includes the 28-Day Body & Soul Detox, a "spiritual boot camp" which prepares us to get into our assigned posture, and take the positions required of us as individual parts of the body in this hour. By doing so, we will live the joyful, powerful and purposeful lives we were created to live.

Reform - To improve by alteration / a correction of error / to put into a better form or condition / to abolish abuse or malpractice / to give up harmful practices / to persuade to adopt a better way of life
Wellness - A
practice, or state of good mental & physical health / spiritual & emotional well-being / wholeness / strength / life in balance / blissfulness

Hello I'm Coach Carmen. I have been seasoned, prepared and given the "The Daniel Anointing" by God, to unplug believers from what I call the "Matrix" (the world's way of life), and "up-level" them into the Kingdom way of living. The Church Health Reform & Wellness Mission is a burden removing, yoke destroying, soon to be national movement. The mission was created to go far beyond the health and wellness agendas of the world (the Matrix). It's about living Roman 12:1-2 so completely that it creates cellular level change within us. Change that will place us in the posture and position required of us in this hour. The program addresses the individual responsibility given to us by God, to get into, and stay in alignment with the Anointed One and His Anointing (which is where our peace, power, protection, joy and financial abundance is). How does this happen?

  1. By uprooting all physical and mental strongholds that are keeping us entrenched in the world's way of 'doing and being wrong'.

  2. By learning how to treat our bodies like the holy temples that they are.

  3. By following practices and using tools that will help us to become doers of the word, and not just hearers only.

  4. By growing our own fresh, chemical-free food.

  • Imagine the body of Christ if just 50% more believers renewed their thinking by living out Romans 12:1-2 and uprooting the physical and mental strongholds that have kept them out of the will of God. Are you imagining the Kingdom of heaven fully operating here on earth?
  • Imagine if the church learned how to treat their body like the holy temple that they are. Are you imagining Superbeings taking dominion?
  • Imagine if 50% more of the church were 'doers of the Word, and not just a hearer only'. Are you imagining crazy miracles and manifestations?


From The Matrix To The Kingdom (the awakening) – CLICK HERE

28-Day Body & Soul Detox (the spiritual boot camp) CLICK HERE

Kingdom Cooking (the physical nourishment) CLICK HERE

Organic Church Garden Crusade (the food source) CLICK HERE

Kingdom Academy Membership Coaching Program (the community) CLICK HERE

The Church Health Reform & Wellness Symposium (the gathering) CLICK HERE



  • Book me to present the teaching "From The Matrix To The Kingdom" to your church at no fee.

  • Sign up your church for the next 28-Day Body & Soul Detox Intensive by calling (718) 273-9772 or (374) 596-0154. Individuals are welcome to register below.

  • I would suggest that you set up a Kingdom Cooking Class at your church. This class is a must to begin the healing process within your congregation so that they can start unplugging from the "Medical Matrix". 

  • RSVP for the Church Health & Wellness Symposium to learn more about how we can unplug from the Medical Matrix, and create our own organic Church Gardens. Call (718) 273-9772 or (374) 596-0154


From The Matrix To The Kingdom

"From The Matrix To The Kingdom" is a timely teaching, commissioned by God for me to share with churches across the country (at no charge). It is the core essence of Sharing The Bliss, and an introduction to The Church Health Reform & Wellness Mission. ~

As mentioned earlier, the Word warns us about being in the world, but not of it, for good reasons. We are now experiencing the back-lash of being consumed by the "Matrix's" (the world's) beliefs, economy, education, and ABOVE ALL FOOD. Thank God believers are getting fed up with the mental and physical suffering associated with being out of alignment with God's way of doing and being right. They see that the world's ship is sinking and they don't want to go down with the ship. Many are ready to be "unplugged". The problem is there has been little to no Holistic Action Steps given, until now.
After I almost lost my life to a debilitating, and disfiguring illness, and was about to close my retail shop & day spa, my apartment, and my marriage, I became desperate enough to "unplug". I was ready to live the life, God predestined me to live so that I could advance the Kingdom. So ready in fact, that I was willing to switch systems. Which meant changing what I thought, felt, spoke and ate. When I did, my spiritual eyes were open, my soul was set free, my body was healed, and hubby and I are living the life of our dreams. I have one question for you... Are you ready?

This right-now message begins with my personal testimony, followed by urgent, jaw-dropping information people need to know. It ends with practical Holistic Action Steps for making our Exodus from the Matrix to the Kingdom.

Education Not Medication Will Set The Captives Free!

I would love to share this urgent, uncompromising message with your church, or organization as my gift to you. Please contact me today. God's people are dying for the lack of knowledge.



28-Day Body & Soul Detox

(January 6th - February 3rd 2012)


 Unplugging from the Matrix begins with a detoxing of the mind and body.
It's time for us to become strong and powerful warriors that God can greatly use.
It's time to heal our bodies, think clearer, gain energy,
reclaim our healthy weight and have more joy!

Click Here To See More Video Testimonies

Child of God let me guide you through a life-transforming detox,
designed to release all sorts of toxins from your organs, blood and systems,
as well as the deepest parts of your soul.

 It all begins with a one week Soul Detox. What’s blocking your greatness? Isn’t it time to let it go? It’s easy to release unhealthy food choices once you confront the mental and emotional strongholds that are causing the food addictions, and uproot them once and for all. The Word tells us in Ephesians 4:22-23 that..."You were taught, with regard to your former way of life, to put off your old self, which is being corrupted by its deceitful desires; to be made new in the attitude of your mind; and to put on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness." NIV

After the soul work (which never truly ends), you'll spend 21 days learning the secrets to healing your mind & body with delicious food. Whether you desire to take back control of your life by unplugging from the "Medical Matrix", or wanting to prepare for the next level of your ministry, or life, there has to be a physical disconnection of unhealthy, additive foods. In 4 weeks we*ll help you reframe your thinking processes, and alter your emotional and physical programming about food. This is achieved by 21 days of education, and incorporating delicious BETTER (Organic Vegan Cuisine), BEST (Organic Raw Vegan), and Beyond (Extracted Organic Juices) food choices into your life.

Here's What Each Detoxer Receives

1) 28-Day Body & Soul Detox Book & Journal ~ ($34.95 Value) This life-transforming, Word based book is a complete step-by-step, week-by-week, program implementation guide, and Daily Action Journal.
2) The Kingdom Cooking (Delicious Meals That Heal) Cookbook ~
($34.95 Value) This unique cookbook offers a wealth of need-to-know, seldom heard information, tips from Coach Carmen, and over 150 "to-live-for" recipes.
3) Four Audio-Classes ~
($150 Value) Each week an mp3 recording will be emailed to all Detoxers to prepare them for the upcoming week.
4) Five Weekly (2) Hour Detox Classes ~
($200 Value) Each week our 2 hour Detox Class will be held at St. Philips Baptist Church in Staten Island, NY - These powerful classes are worth the cost of the entire program.
5) Kingdom Academy Membership (24/7) Coaching Program ~
(Priceless) Detoxers gain one month access to the "Sharing The Bliss" Membership Coaching Program. it is imperative that you have a high vibrational, word-based power source that you can pug into at a moments notice, for daily doses of information, inspiration & encouragement - It's sure to help you stay the course, stay excited, and most importantly stay in Christ. ($1 Processing Fee)

This Detox Intensive Is Valued At Over $500 However The True Value Is Priceless


~ $251 (physical classes with books)

~ $176 (physical classes with ebook format)


 ~ Church and/or church groups will receive $25 for every member who registers, and pays for the 28-Day Body & Soul Detox. This is sown by us as seed.

Church members may register individually under their church. Church ministries, groups and committees may register as individual teams to raise funds, and receive group support.

    Cash Back Seed ~ Church and/or church groups will receive $25 for every member who registers, and pays for the 28-Day Body & Soul Detox. This is sown by us as seed.
    Grand Prize Reward ~ The church that has the most members successfully complete the program will win a 4 Hour Workshop at their church.

    #1 Simply call us to arrange for me to speak to your congregation and setup a Registration Day at your church.
    #2 Assign a Health & Wellness Captain that can be our connection to your church. Captains receive a $50 discount.
    #3 Please have members go to www.SharingtheBliss.com (this website) to register (on this page) for the Detox, and to receive updates.


* Church Member's Registration *

28 - Day Body & Soul Detox NYC Intensive January 6th - February 3rd 2012
Cost: $250 and $1.00 for the Membership Coaching Program 30 Day Trial.
Program includes (5) physical classes in Staten Island, NY (location to be announced) on Friday’s from 7 pm to 9 pm. In addition you will receive physical books at the first two classes and an Audio Class each week (4 total) sent to you by email in MP3 format. Membership Coaching Program includes Weekly Group Tele-Coaching plus Video & Audio Coaching, Q&A Center and Monthly Meet Ups available on Password Protected Membership Site.

1 Payment of $251

3 Payments of $87

(2 automatic recurring installments every 7 days)



* Church Registration Ebook Format *

28 - Day Body & Soul Detox NYC Intensive January 6th - February 3rd 2012
Cost: $175 and $1.00 for the Kingdom Academy Membership Coaching Program 30 Day Trial**.
Program includes (5) physical classes in Staten Island, to be announced on Friday’s from 7 pm to 9 pm. In addition you will receive a Audio Class each week (4 total) sent to you by email in MP3 format and 2 Ebooks also sent to you by email. Membership Coaching Program includes Weekly Group Tele-Coaching plus Video & Audio Coaching, Q&A Center and Monthly Meet Ups available on Password Protected Membership Site.

1 Payment of $176

3 Payments of $57

(1 automatic recurring installment in 7 days.)



28-Day Body & Soul Detox

* Online Program *

Cost $175 and $1.00 for the Membership Coaching Program 30 Day Trial**. Your (2) books will be sent via email in e-book format. Each week you will receive an Audio Class (4 total) sent to you by email in MP3 format. Membership Coaching Program includes Weekly Group Tele-Coaching plus Video & Audio Coaching and Q&A Center available on Password Protected Membership Site.

1 Payment of $176


Coach Carmen's Kingdom Cooking

“Miracle Meals That Heal”


Dairy-Free, Refined Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free, Healing and 100% Delicious

Everyone who's taken this class would agree it is life transforming. It's a total re-education on what we should eat, why we should eat it, and how to make it really, really yummy.

 Ready to be free from the "Supermarket Matrix", fat gram & calorie counting, fad diets and the S.A.D. (Standard American Diet) which is designed to keep you in the "Medical Matrix"?

 Bless your family and transform your life from the inside-out. In these classes you learn to prepare mouth-watering, diabetic safe, healing food, while having a great time tasting mouth-watering meals, super snacks, yummy energy drinks, and a dreamy dessert. All SIMPLE, SATISFYING, TASTY and FULL OF LIFE ENERGY.  

 If you are sick and tired of the guilt and spiritual unrest associated with not following the prompting of the Holy Spirit when it comes to food, please register for this class.

[Recipe Sheets Included For Those Without A Cookbook]
[Enjoy 3 Hours Of Sampling Delicious Food]


Friday 10/14 6-9pm or Saturday 10/15 3-6pm 2011 Staten Island, NY

$75 Click Here To Register

Kingdom Academy Member's $25 Click Here


Organic Church Gardens Crusade

Every Church In America Must Have An Organic Garden

The "Matrix" has made it nearly impossible to feed our families healthy, healing and nourishing food. I cannot begin to tell you the devastation that wickedness and greed has had on 99% of our food that isn't labeled "certified organic". Bottom line? The church must become self-reliant especially when it comes to what we eat in these last days, because we can no longer trust the government when it comes to our food. If our reason for not buying organic food is the cost, we can do something about it. We can grow our own sustainable (eco-friendly), organic church gardens.

No church member should ever have to go hungry, or suffer illness because they can't afford life-giving, chemical-free food. Imagine all of us being able to freely eat the amount of organically grown fruits & vegetables required to reduce cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease?

No child should suffer because of what they're being fed. Overactive children are being force medicated, and others are dying from Juvenile diabetes, cancers and other illnesses all having much to due with the sugar-filled, chemical-laden food. Kids love Mc Donalds because that's what was given them during the early stages of their development. "Train a child in the way they should go and they shall not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6 What's amazing is, how children naturally gravitate towards freshly grown, fruits & veggies, and can just as easily be trained to eat them.

To learn more about organic community gardens Click On Link http://www.collectiveroots.org/node/340


Join us on Saturday October 15th at The Staten Island Museum to learn more, and receive a FREE How To Get Started Organic Church Garden Package. To RSVP please call (718) 273-9772 or (347) 596-0154



The Church Health & Wellness Symposium

At The Staten Island Museum

Snug Harbor Building "H"

Saturday October 22nd 2011 / 2:00pm - 3:30pm

This not to be missed symposium will be filled with time-sensitive, urgent information that all leaders must know. Learn everything you need to know to help your church unplug for the Medical Matrix, from Christian professionals. Learn exactly what's going on with our food, and how we can protect ourselves from the demonic activities of the Food & Drug Administration, the Department of Agriculture.

Receive a FREE How To Start A Church Garden Package.

Light Refreshments Will Be Served


Please RSVP ASAP By Calling (718) 273-9772



Kingdom Academy Membership Coaching Program

Every believer who is ready to RISE UP, and STEP INTO THEIR GREATNESS IN THIS HOUR needs a anointed, faith-based, holistic Kingdom coach. Our Kingdom Academy Membership Coaching Program was designed to offer whole-life transformational coaching, that is practical, and affordable enough for most everyone. The "Sharing The Bliss" Kingdom Academy prepares and trains believers how to live the lifestyle of Kingdom heirs and heiresses. Hosea 4:6 "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge." The amount of coaching and support in this program is phenomenal. It will open spiritual eyes, heal body temples, and set the captives free.

Every Tuesday 8:00 pm EST I, Coach Carmen will have a fresh, anointed topic to empower you for the week. Every first Tuesday of the month is our Q&A call where members can ask any 2 questions they like. All calls are recorded and permanently place on the Members Only Website.

Gain 24/7 access to our private Members Only Website. The website is a never-ending stream of vital information, Kingdom teachings, encouragement, strategies, tools and guidance. It is loaded with videos, audios, movies, my personal articles archives, and a resource section for hard to find wellness products like raw, organic nuts, Superfoods food, wellness kitchen tools and appliances.

Once a month members call in for 15 minutes of one-on-one coaching.

Once a month members meet on the East Coast, (generally in the Tri-State area) for fellowship, support and fun.

 [The Membership Coaching Program Is Included With the 28-Day Body & Soul Detox]

The Membership Is Offered At $1 For The First Month and $19.95 Per Month Thereafter
(membership may be cancelled at any time)

Make $1 Payment Here

We tithe our tithe to my church Faith Fellowship Ministries World Outreach Center, in Sayerville, NJ.

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